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ATEO, the Complete Middle-Office suite for ETD …

More than any time before, your firm needs to better serve and retain clients, control costs and rely on a platform that can evolve and adapt to the multiple technological, market and regulatory changes.

We help our customers develop their business though years of experience, our advanced technology solutions, and an unparalleled sense of service.

ATEO’s suite of products delivers the perfect blend of efficiencies and trust.


LISA Clearing Engine :

  • A matching and Clearing solution allowing your firm to seamlessly process your business across all Clearing Houses, while providing tailored services to your customers.

TEO Derivatives :

  • A Global Order Management system that has been developed by and for the traders. All major interdealer and executing brokers are using Teo for one simple reason: efficiencies.

UGO Standalone Gateway :

  • UGO’s set of gateways and APIs are your “Must Have” toolkit If your firm is looking to develop or feed an inhouse solutions and requires trade feed standardization, high throughput, self-scaling and native recovery.


  • A decentralized and dedicated network helping your firm manage all external ETD feeds, allowing your teams to free themselves from the usual onboarding, network security and maintenance constraints