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The preferred choice for Straight Through Processing Solution

TEO Derivatives, our global Order Management solution, has been developed by and for the traders.
Through years of ongoing collaboration, we have gathered inputs, recommendations and feed-backs from hundreds of traders across all regions and all markets to make sure TEO is a perfect fit for your business.

As a result, TEO Derivatives is now the preferred solution for the top Inter Dealer brokers and Broker Dealers. Every day, hundreds of traders at TPICAP, GHF, or BGC use TEO Derivatives to allocate and confirm their trades.

TEO Derivatives in a nutshell

TEO Derivatives allows you to capture all your executions, whether they are coming from your multiple execution platforms (TT, PATS, FIDESSA, CQG …), whether they are coming from the actual exchanges (exchange drop-copies), from the CCPs, or a 3rd party (execution broker, GCM/FCM …).

TEO then provides a central database containing details on all orders that have been processed regardless of the trading platform or market.

TEO Derivatives allows you then to:

  • Organize and route these executions to the appropriate desks, traders,
  • Aggregate data based on your own criteria
  • Allocate your orders (across multiple fills, prices …) and feed into the corresponding downstream systems (middle-office, back-office, Clearer …)
  • Confirm your final trades to your clients (real time FIX messaging, Bloomberg, emails ….)

The TEO Derivatives Export Module allows integration with your trade matching system and other Back Office systems

LISA Clearing Engine has been designed with our customers to ensure they get the best out of our solutions:

  • Bulk copy/edit of all static data; create hundreds of accounts in a single click
  • Native static data upload from your book-keeping systems (e.g. accounts)
  • Native integration (message based) with in-house risk systems or other 3rd party applications
  • Real-time exchange and system warning and alerts
  • Single click filter on markets, memberships, trade status through “matrix” filter
  • Color based warnings on trades that are “untouched” over a given period of time
  • Ability for customers to design and run ad-hoc reports from our ATEO Reporting Tool (part of the ATEO tool kit)
  • LISA Web Client module allows end customers to monitor their trades online throughout the entire trade life-cycle.



  • Execution captured from Trading Station or Clearing Houses
  • Multiple Allocations in a single click
  • Automatic Allocation process
  • Complex split allocation volume or % based)
  • Integration of all markets specifics (LME, Average Price System…)


  • Order capture from multiple trading stations
  • Automatic matching of orders and executions
  • Volume aggregation based on your own criteria
  • Unique audit system recording all events through the entire trade life-cycle


  • Multiple reporting options (FIX, emails, pdf, word, excel, txt…)
  • Reporting customization
  • Specific reporting automated (Bloomberg Feature Wizard)
  • Auto Confirmation system


  • Connectivity to 70+ markets
  • Connectivity to all majors trading systems
  • Extended support for FIX connectivity (inbound allocations, outbound drop-copies) and Order feeds (BB EMSX)
  • Export to all downstream systems, Back Office (GMI, R&N, Calypso, Inferno…), compliance tools, risk monitoring…


  • Native back-office accounts integration (one-off or intra-day)
  • Real time exchange and system alert messages and warnings
  • Web based front-end for end customers


  • System can be installed in one unique location and support activity across all regions
  • This results in a minimal footprint and easier maintenance


  • 24 hours support, online and real-time tracking of all opened requests
  • A team committed to help you grow your business, address your requirements, deliver enhancements


  • Complete set of tools and libraries allowing you to monitor all technical components, latency, average allocation time