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An ETD dedicated network handling all your external feeds

DAN, a decentralized and dedicated network helping your firm manage all the ETD feeds you maintain with external parties such as:

  • Allocation instructions
  • Trade data

Whether you are a clearing or an executing firm, your business and your customers require integrating an increasing number of communication and message flows.

DAN is making your life easier by managing all these different constraints on your behalf

Each message flow may be different from one party to another, from one client to another, but they all bring specific constraints and underlying costs. DAN will: 

  • Stand in between your firm and your different counterparts
  • Establish connectivity in between parties while maintaining the necessary network and security protocols
  • Adapt to the specific client requirements, API, protocols or message layouts
  • Handle all incoming/outgoing messages and apply necessary transformations/mappings
  • Deliver a feed to your firm or your counterpart that has been standardized to the requirements of the receiving party
  • Provide necessary testing and integration capabilities to ensure a successful onboarding and satisfy your client
  • Maintain these feeds over time, adapt to your client’s requirements
  • As a fully hosted, supported and maintained by Ateo, handle all necessary hardware and software resources

Main benefits

  • Outsource to Ateo all the complexity of onboarding a new client feed
  • Maintain your network security and integrity by managing a single connection to the ATEO DAN platform
  • Rely on Ateo’s expertise to guarantee a minimal turn around when onboarding a new feed (typically 7 business days)
  • Benefit from Ateo’s support and monitoring team to ensure all data is successfully and timely delivered to receiving parties
  • A flat cost per client feed, independently of protocols and specific layout complexities



  • Turn around on onboarding a new client/feed is minimal
  • Ateo ensures successful and on time delivery of end-to-end messages


  • You no longer need to adapt to a new incoming feed and prepare a new outgoing file
  • DAN handles all necessary transformations and mappings so you can maintain your internal standards


  • New feeds can be implemented within 7 business days
  • Feeds that are obsolete can be cancelled overnight by simply notifying Ateo

Your firm no longer needs to:

  • Assign dedicated hardware
  • Assign dedicated resources to implement, test and monitor feeds


  • Your firm no longer needs to establish and maintain multiple connections to multiple clients
  • Your firm now only needs a single and secured connection to ATEO DAN’s hosted environment
  • Ease of integration


  • Every feed is priced at an all-inclusive flat rate, independently of protocols, file sizes of complexities