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UGO/Universal Gateway Overlay – Pushing the connectivity boundaries

Connectivity, messaging, integration are the cornerstone of any Listed Derivatives business processing.
Connectivity is also at the heart of Ateo’s offering. By completely redesigning its connectivity solutions and combining it with our
G-API interface, Ateo can now offer all ETD participants, from large FCMs/GCMs to smaller Executing Brokers, the benefits of:

Ease of Trade Feed Integration

  • One single and standardized API (G-API), allows your firm to connect to all different CCPs, Exchanges, Trading systems and capture all executions & trade data that is relevant to your business, without getting into any of the specifics for a given source
  • Integrate a standardized Trade feed with in-house or 3rd party solutions (Risk, Clearing, Back Office….)

New Generation Gateways

Securing a critical component of your business

  • Our connectivity solution can dynamically auto-scale over every possible layer
  • Make sure you handle intra-day volume peaks thanks to the extremely High Throughput (4,500 msg/s)
  • Ensure full business continuity thanks to our standard high-availability solutions
  • Benefit from the latest technology stack (Container based application)

Ease of Deployment

  • Deploy Ateo’s gateways over a Cloud environment (public or private)
  • 1st deployment can then be leveraged for other exchanges or venues

A standard API for easier integration & quick onboarding turnaround

ATEO G-API allows our customers to capture all necessary data across clearing houses, exchanges and many other sources through a single standard API. Whether you are looking to feed internal risk systems, establish a robust reporting platform, launch your own clearing solution, our G-API delivers a real-time and standardized trade-and clearing feed across a large number of ETD and OTC exchanges.

Standard Protocols

Designed for an easy integration with any existing architecture regardless of platform.
We have chosen RabbitMQ as communication protocol, and a standardized Json API.

Trade Capture

A Json message is disseminated for every trade update received from the underlying exchange feed including
very Give-Up/Take-Up state change. All Trades are assigned a unique ID that will link all sub- sequent clearing request.

Clearing management

All requests available on the underlying exchange clearing API are made available on the G-API interface using a ClearRequest
message. The common requests are:
  • Allocations (Trade Account change), Splits
  • Give-up/Take-up request
  • Open/Close Adjustmen
  • APS or any other exchange specific feature (price change, APS group completion …)



  • Same solution allows clients to capture trade from multiple exchanges/venues and feed multiple downstream systems (Risk, BackOffice, Middle Office …)
  • Processing 4,500 messages/s (or about 10M trades/h)
    Auto-scalable gateways can handle intra-day volume peaks and recoveries
  • Native Failover for High Availability capabilities
  • Private or Public Cloud deployment


  • Instant access to 60+ ETD exchanges
  • All original fields are captured
  • “Raw” and standardized messages are retained
  • Original message sequence automatically re-established when using multi-thread gateways
  • Optional message enrichment in order to handle specifics of exchange workflow (e.g., APS, GiveUps …)


  • Kubernetes framework
  • Micro services / containers
  • JSON, Rabbit MQ
  • User defined outbound protocol (FIX, FIXML, MQ …)


  • 24 hours support, online and real-time tracking of all opened requests
  • A team committed to help you grow your business, address your requirements, deliver enhancements