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A case for crypto & digital assets tools

Over the past couple of years, there has been an ever increasing interest and focus on crypto currencies from institutional firms.
As we listen to our customers, we believe there is a case to leverage Ateo’s middle and back-office expertise and carry it over to digital assets.
After developing a number of gateways to the different Crypto venues (FTX, Binance, Coinbase …), MONA now represents a significant next step for Ateo within the Digital Assets space.

MONA: The Crypto Allocation tool

MONA brings together all of Ateo’s expertise in terms of operational efficiencies and ability to address business needs.
MONA is a global blotter allowing your firm to:

  • Display all transactions (Spot Trades, Deposits, Withdraws, Interests)
  • Allocate transactions to the proper Portfolios
  • Split transactions • Interface with any of your in-house downstream systems
  • Benefit from some solid Audit and reporting capabilities.

New technologies, new benefits

MONA is a fully web based solution, fully hosted by Ateo. In this fast pace environment, MONA now also allows your firm to:

  • Track all transactions on a real-time basis, with a system that is up and running 24/7
  • No longer worry about upgrades and maintenance, as we maintain the system on your behalf
  • Provide instant access to the system to all relevant users.



  • MONA provides connectivity to an extensive number of Crypto currency markets, Yield platforms, Custodian platforms
  • New connections are added on a regular basis Integrations with your existing systems can be easily implemented


  • Real time capture of all your client’s trades, deposits, withdraws, interests
  • Complete historical view on trade activity
  • Easy allocation of trades across client Portfolios


  • Fully web based solution Kubernetes framework
  • Micro services / containers JSON, Rabbit MQ
  • User defined outbound protocol (FIX, FIXML, MQ …)


  • Easy integration with your downstream systems
  • Solution is fully hosted by Ateo, no overhead costs for maintenance and upgrades


  • 24 hours support, online and real-time tracking of all opened requests